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Online Trainings USA is famous on-line training institute in Hyderabad India. We offer online training on various tools and technologies we have excellent trainers with good experience, We provide job oriented online classes on various Tools & Technologies. We will provide 100% project support like solving the technical issues with in the time, We also provide Corporate trainings at client location & Online, We have a development center in Hyderabad, along with training we provide projects for required candidates. we will conduct mock interviews through on-line we will guide you for the interview we will support you in resume preparation we provide . Once you register in our web site and find coaching then our trainer supports and clarifies your doubts whereas doing job. This can be the special supply to our student to become an entire software system skilled. All told, courses we offer quality coaching to our students our passion is to coach every student in real. We will train in-depth studies all told courses.

Online Trainings USA Highlights·
  • IT training in all tools & technologies (online And class-room Corporate)
  • Real-time Job support (Technical Support project level)
  • Best ideas with career development planning
  • Excellent Resume & Interview preparation
  • Promotion and Job placement with our fortune 500 clients in USA, CANADA
  • Technical support to perform day 2 day activities of your project
  • Certification examination preparation training provided
Online Trainings USA advantages
  • All our trainers are considered professionals & experts in their technologies
  • All online trainings & Corporate Trainings are Live real time instructors
  • We use the best web conferencing technology to give the high Quality Training
  • Attend the Classes from your home at your convenient timings
  • We will give you the Record option where you can record all the classes.
  • Online provides more practical approach than classroom based training
Online Trainings USA facilities
  • 24×7 365 Days Dedicated Server/System access
  • Systems/Servers will have 24/7 power backup No Down time
  • Recording Option you can view the session when ever you required
  • Excellent world-class Dedicated Conferencing Facility to organize the meetings High Quality.
  • Complete study material will be provided & Hands on Labs for each and Every session.


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I have undergone training on Hadoop coruse with Online Trainings USA and trainer is dedicated, committed for classes and i can recommend this institute for quality training on IT Courses. -ARUN
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SAS Online Training

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Online Training USA SOLUTIONS is providing best SAS Online Training from Hyderabad India, We proud to say that we are only the excellent Online SAS Training providers across globe. We will give you Online support 24/7 days for the students of Online Training USA Solutions. Our SAS Online Training faculty is Certified, Highly Qualified and dedicated. Our SAS Online Training course content designed as per the latest trend. In this SAS Online Training course Our faculty is going to cover all the concepts in detail and real time scenarios as Our SAS Online Training faculty is Highly experienced.

The SAS System is one in every of the foremost in style applied math code for all types of knowledge analysis. It’s a general purpose applied math package designed for each interactive, non-interactive, and batch uses.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) code is comprehensive code that deals with several issues associated with applied math analysis, computer programmed, information Creation, Graphics, etc. it’s a stratified , multivendor design. In spite of the distinction in hardware, in operation systems, etc., the SAS applications look constant and turn out constant results. The 3 elements of the SAS System ar Host, moveable Applications and information. Host provides all the specified interfaces between the SAS system and also the in operation setting. Functionalities and applications reside in moveable part and also the user provides the info. We, during this course are going to be handling the code associated with perform applied math analysis of knowledge.

Online Training USA SOLUTIONS is the best and excellent SAS Online Training Institute In Hyderabad, India

SAS Online Training

    • What is ETL
    • ETL Concepts
    • What is OLAP
  • SAS:
  • What is SAS
    • History of SAS
    • Modules available SAS
  • Basic operating system commands, operating system file structures
    • Managing windows in SAS window environment
    • Use of different kind of SAS products and how to use in SAS application.
    • Difference between the SAS products.
    • Why using the SAS in different sectors.
    • How to use the data step to read and manipulate complex forms of data
    • Write Data and Proc steps.
    • Data step compile and execution
    • To run SAS application on different modes
    • Reading internal reading and printing l raw data into SAS
    • Read any type of external raw data into SAS
    • Reading raw data SAS environment into DATA SET using Input statement & advance INLIFE statement options
    • Working with Data Storage in SAS libraries creation for user defined libraries and multi-engine architecture
    • Using a single libref to reference some or all SAS libraries reading and printing mixed records formats.
    • Reading packed and zoned decimal data working with EBCDIC and ASCII data
    • Reading data from data set to another data set.
    • To manage the SAS window environment used with global options.
    • Reducing memory requirements with BUFFNO and BUFSIZE working with SAS data set options
    • To manage existing data with controlling statements and expressions
    • Creating Summary Information, SAS Functions, Transforming Data
    • Changing variable types using the PUT and INPUT functions summarizing data files
    • Generation data sets to create historical information SAS
    • To expert data from data sets to delimiter files using with data set block
    • Understand error messages in the SAS Log and debug your program
    • Use with Error Handling concepts
  • Using Do loops for repetitive calculations and processing
    • Using Arrays to process across an observations and processing
    • Using DO WHILE and DO UNTIL statements for conditional looping
  • When to use indexes
    • Creating and deleting indexes
    • Index advantages and disadvantages
  • Data using append procedure to add date values in existing dataset
    • Using the update statement to update data in existing dataset.
    • Using the MODIFY statements to update and modify data in place
    • Merging concepts
    • Data transformation
    • Concatenation concept in merging
    • Interleaving concept and merging
    • Different kind of match merging using MERGE statement using the contribution (IN=) option in merge concept
    • Using ODS concept to generate reports
  • Organize and sort SAS data sets and working with duplicates
    • To generate listing output use print
    • Comparing data sets with proc compare
    • To create user defined informat and format statements use format
    • Using proc copy to copy data sets
    • Importance of contents procedure
    • Reading data from dataset for reporting use report
    • Using Proc Datasets to modify data set structure, attributes, how to use permanent formats, Setting up Integrity Constraints to maintain clean data and Setting up indexes
    • Role of ODS concepts to reporting SAS output
    • To generate SAS output in different panels like RTF, HTML,PDF and XML Using ODS
  • How to use PROC SQL to retrieve INFORMATION from their Data:
  • Introduction to SQL Concepts
    • The origin of SQL and why we use it.
    • Create new tables, indexes , views and reports
  • Understanding to SQL Concepts
    • How to specify columns and subset rows
    • Using functions to summarize and group data
    • Ordering data and formatting out
    • Performing group analysis, remerging and sub queries
  • What are Cartesian Products, what is join
    • Inner, FULL, OUTER, LEFT and RIGHT Joins
    • Set Operator us such as union and intersection joining multiple tables
    • PROC SQL as compared to the data step
  • Creating Indexes and table in SQL
    • Why we use Views in SQL
    • Performance and space ISSUES
  • ADVANCED SQL Topics:
    • How dictionary table and views can simplify programming SQL options
    • How to retrieve Raw data different from DATABASES to SAS environment using SQL Statements
    • To create table in different databases using SAS sql statement
    • To manage in different databases using SAS Sql Statements
  • Uses of pass through facility
    • How to communicate with other database like Access, Oracle
    • To control and manage other databases fro the SAS.
    • To access required data from other databases
    • To create DATAWAREHOUSING environment
  • Basic Statistical Procedures (SAS/STAT) and reporting Procedure:
  • To summary statistical Analysis Summary Procedure
    • Producing Statistical with means Procedure
    • Testing Categorical Data with FREQ PROCEDURE
    • Reporting areas in SAS
    • To generate report use with Proc Report
    • Examining Data with Univarate Procedure
  • How to work with SAS/ACCESS & SAS /Connect:
  • To import data from different PC files use import procedure
    • To export data from different source use access procedure
    • To export data from datasets to different PC files use export Procedures
    • Uses of DBLoad procedure and how to work
    • To transport datasets one environment to another environment and one version to another version to another version (windows to UNIX) use with cprot and cimport procedures
    • How to use Upload Procedure
    • How to use Download Procedure
  • How the SAS macros Language Works
    • What is the role of macro in SAS
    • Introduction to tokening, compiling and executing a SAS program
    • How the macro Processor Works
  • Applying automatic macro variables
    • Designing customized macro variables
    • Submitting the macro variables in SAS Programming
    • Displaying MACRO VARIABLES VALUES in the SAS log
    • Applying quoting functions with macros
  • Incorporating SAS Macros in the DATA STEP:
  • Designing macro variables during Data step Execution
    • In directing referencing Macro variables
    • Resolving Macro variables during DATA STEP EXECUTION
    • Under staining the functionality and application of the SYSMGET function and SYSMPUT routine
    • Using the INTO clause to build macro variables during PROC SQL execution
  • Designing and implementing simple macros and reduce customizing SAS application
    • To Develop Reusable Application use with MACRO
    • Specifying conditional coding inside a macro
    • The macro compilation and execution processes in the macro processor SAS system options used for debugging macros
    • Reviewing error and warning log messages displayed by the macro processor
    • Designing and using macros containing parameters within them
    • Using positional and keyword parameters in macro calls
    • Difference macros and symbol table Hierarchies
    • Concepts in MACRO FUNCTIONS, MACRO INTERFACE AND MACRO Quoting Functions and how to use MACRO CODING.
  • Techniques for Storing MACROS:
  • Understanding the auto call feature
    • Permanently storing and using compiled macros
    • Writing Efficient macro programs
  • SAS programs that work
    • Fixing Programs that don’t work
    • Searching for the missing semicolon
    • Input statement reaching past the end of line
    • Lost card
    • Invalid Data
    • How to handle different kind of SAS errors
    • Missing VALUES were Generated
    • Numeric values have been converted to Character
    • WRONG results but no error message
    • The data step Debugger
    • SAS Truncated a character variable
    • SAS stops in the middle of the job
    • SAS runs pout of memory or disk space

Course Details:

Duration :  45-50 hours(Daily 1hr to 1 hr 30 minutes)
System Access:  5 months
Session Timings: As per participant convenience
Payment Options:  Online

About Trainer:

Online Training USA trainers are passionate and focused in quality and accuracy for delivering the best services for our clients. Our trainers are from top MNCs and carry years of experience. The training methodology is not just walking through people with PPTs, rather it is way to share experienced they gain over many years. Our trainer evaluation method is very rigorous and people qualify with predefined parameters are only eligible to train and associate with PMT IT. Online Training USA training quality parameters are very high and we are very concern about the quality delivery. Our trainers are educated with Online Training USA training standard and ensure that there is no way we compromise with quality at any point.

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